There are holders of high public office and high positions in companies and other organisations who have behaved unethically, even outrageously, in ways which make it appear likely that they have been motivated by desires to help cronies. 
Cronyism is probably very common worldwide. 
The purpose of is to give people reliable information about harm probably caused by cronyism, to enable them to better protect themselves from it and to combat it, especially at the ballot box and by using their powers as customers and investors.
It is non-profit making.
No member of any political party is, or has ever been, involved in any aspect of its production or operation.
It quotes opinions, including those of our Proprietor, Mr Appleby* but does not express opinions itself.  In particular, it shows titles (eg "The Rt Hon" and "Lord Justice") but expresses no opinion that any title has or has not been reasonably awarded on the basis of evidence of some kind of merit, or that it does or does not accurately describe the conduct of the person concerned.  Some titles are instruments of propaganda. For example, the former President of Pakistan, Pervez Musharraf, who was responsible for dreadful, well documented, human rights abuses, had a "Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights" (Mr Muhammad Wasi Zafar).
*This is fair journalism.  Almost any prominent person likely to disagree with him should be aware of the relevant content of this website and could have opinions published on another one.  The identities of such persons are evident from Mr Appleby's opinions.  For example, with reference to his opinion in the second article, in relation to the Vatican, many of the Pope's supporters have, or should have, seen Mr Appleby's opinion and the Pope could comment on it on the Vatican website. We see no need to invite the Pope to do so.
 Cronyism is defined thus:
Willingness to commit unethical acts and/or omissions for the benefit of one or more others, motivated by hope of one or more favours in return and/or by misguided loyalty. 

Articles in refer to people as Mr A, Mr B  etc., to protect their privacy.  The letters A, B, C, etc., are not, except coincidentally, the people's initials; they only indicate, alphabetically, the order in which the abbreviated names have been added to

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